Fake Jonas Brothers at Kidd Kraddick Radio Show (Video)

Here is the video footage from Kidd Kraddick in the Morning. Leave a comment, let the Fake Jonas Brothers know what you think!


Valerie said...

yuo guys need to come to the verizon store in philly december 17th.
i'd love you forever.

ALY said...
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ALY said...

i don't think i'll live without meeting you, you're hilarious

heyalex. said...

hahahha this is amazing.
where are you guys from? LA?
because you need to new york haha

Olivia said...

i went that morning!
my mom saw you guys...but i didn't.
i wish i would have!

where will you guys be next so i can see you?!!?

Kayteeee! said...

PAHAHAH! You guys are hilarious!
Now I have the unquenchable need to meet both the real AND the fake JoBros! hahahaha! This makes me laugh.

Too bad nothing ever happens in VA!
<3 Katie

Kaila said...

hilarious [:
but no offense, the REAL kevin jonas is hotter! <3

cassie said...

the girl that said that the fake kevin was hotter then the real kevin is sooooooooooooooooooooo right.and so was the nick but not hotter.

Joe said...

YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks for all the comments, YouTube comments, and emails.
-Fake Jonas Brothers

Vanessa said...

You guys are AMAZING!! i literally could not stop laughing when i saw the video at the Kidd Kradick morning show lol.. You guys NEED to come to some of the verizon in store acoustic performances that the real Jonas Brothers are doing.. There’s one coming up on December 3rd in Kansas City you guys should defiantly come! Even if i don’t ever get to meet the real Jonas Brothers meeting the fake one's would be just as GREAT!! lol

melaniev793 said...

hahaa..youu guys are awsomee. :]
i soo want to meet youu boyyss.
you should deff. come to long island new yorkk!!

woo hoo
- Mel (:

Lovely_ said...

Ohmygoodness, you guys are hilarious. (:

Jessica said...

Haha! I love you guys.

I'm apart of your street team, woo!(:


peace. love. FAKE jonas.


Shannon said...

you guys are amzing & my heroes, for serious. come to new yorkkkk.

Jessy said...

You guys are awesome!
I now want to meet you guys


im happy yall guys live in texas ignore all these people and stay in texas and go to all the jobros shows in texas k:)

Bri1792 said...

haha i love yall!
you're hilarious!

& fake kevin is SO hotter than real Kevin.

TREEhugger said...

lol you're hilarious
although...i think the real Kevin is hotter

MegJonas said...

cleveland ohio august 27th 2009 Quicken Loans Arena?
your prettty much the best thing since sliced bread
<3 Meg