Own It!

Purchase your copy online from Disney, Amazon, or iTunes and put yourself in the middle of the Jonas Brothers motion picture debut with the ultimate Extended Concert Experience on Blu-ray Hi-Def, DVD, or digital download. This movie event launches music's hottest trio straight into your living room for an inside look at their Burnin' Up tour and includes guest appearances by chart topping artists Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift along with side splitting hilarity from the Fake Jonas Brothers. Enjoy!


Blendsdessings said...

hello I'm Mack. I live in santiago de chile omg you guys are really amazing in the film saw the jonas brothers. and if the fans have reason can not know the real why not learn to fake? . I love to learn but we are so far away that I think is impossible.
expected to stay! are so cute like my real dream would be realized if at least knew the fake jonas brother
kisses! still rocking! hehehe
are great fans of the jonas brothers love them!

Anonymous said...

You Guys Are Freaks!!!!

brook said...
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Melissa said...

Hey fakes JoBros i'm your fake Mexican fan! haha you are so cool! and so cute! haha! i wish you the best =) you rock!! i want to meet you i want a fake picture with the fakes Jonas Brothers! I love you fake NIck! HAHA =) Los quiero

Sarah Deringer said...

Hey fake JoBros! Will you be joining all of us fans for the 2012 concert and tour? We hope you will!

-sbd1988 on Team Jonas