Fake Jonas Brothers at Kidd Kraddick Radio Show (Pics)

Many thanks to Kidd Kraddick in the Morning, the real Jonas Brothers, and all the awesome fans. The Fake Jonas Brothers had a blast hanging out with everyone. They got lots of great pictures of Fake Jonas Brothers posing with fans. Video coming soon!!!

Click here for a slideshow of all the pictures.

Here are instructions for downloading pictures:
1. Click any picture to stop the show
2. Click "View Photo Page" (towards the bottom right)
3. Click on "All Sizes" (right above the pic) to download various sizes


woo_its_Chris said...

Hahaha, you guys are awesome! You really do kind of look like them too! I would totally take a memorable picture with you guys! Hahaha, you crack me up!

Joe said...


Were you there to see the Jonas Brothers at Kidd Kraddick? Sorry we missed you, it was really fun. If you weren't there, how did you find this website?

-Fake Jonas Brothers

Alavia said...

hahahah i'd most def take a picture with you guys! i would've loved to be at kidd kraddick but i live on the east coast...i found your website linked on greg garbo's (JB's bassist) blog!

sasha said...

Haha! Impressive.
Now all you need are some fake jonas brothers songs (start recording!). I would definitely take a picture with you if I met you! You guys give me a good laugh! Ha, too bad I live in Chicago!

woo_its_Chris said...

No, I wasn't there, I found out on the jonas brothers message boards at imdb.com. I wish I was there though! Ha!

ponedx7 said...


cassie said...

omg!! you guys are like awsome!! the fake kevin is prob. the best looking out of you all :) sorry fake joe and fake nick :( but you are alllll awsome!! i found this website from my friend..she wasnt at kidd kraddike either..idk where she found it from but anyway you should totally come to like nassau!! i would totally want to see ya

brook said...

i still hate you guys and i just whant to tell you that i went all around my school saying the fake jonas brothers suck and that u are stupid and need a life and gess what 40 out of ppl came up to me and said i know right they do and a couple girls told me to tell u guys to stay off the jonas brothers back and DIE AND NEVER COME TO FL and they did not seem to happy so listen to their advise!